EMpak design

The EMpak system fits comfortably into your pocket, handbag, glove compartment or rucksack. When needed, the capsule assembly opens apart to provide the four separate components. It really couldn’t be simpler:

    1. Bottle - containing water
    2. Blister pack - containing two capsules
    3. Water tight sacrificial cap or tear-away membrane
    4. Enclosure Cap (Doubles as a cup)
  • The EMpak system offers the possibility of versions containing: Antihistamines, Cold and Flu drugs, travel sickness medication etc., as well as the original painkillers. In fact, the sky’s the limit in terms of uses, as it’s incredibly versatile and portable.
    For example, the female version of EMpak (FEMpak) is aimed specifically at women for the relief of stomach cramps during the menstrual cycle. Surveys suggest FEMpak alone would be an extremely profitable market.

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