EMpak design

1EMpak patents cover amongst many other countries the UK. This alone has the possibility to generate many millions of unit sales per year. Based on the UK alone, EMpak general pain relief surveys suggest unit sales exceeding 60 million annually are achievable.

2EMpak is perfect for those of us who have busy lives, easily stored in your handbag, pocket or car, after all what do you do when you’re stuck in a traffic jam and get a headache. Well if you have EMpak you just open your glove box or if you don’t have EMpak its tough you have to wait until the next service station, buy a minimum of 16 painkillers and ½ a liter of water.

Purely to illustrate the versatility and simplicity of the EMpak design we have produced the below illustration..

EMpak unlimited

Please note EMpak is not connected in anyway with the brands illustrated and the images are purely used to illustrate the design possibilities.

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